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What are the matters that need to be paid attention to and what are the faults of production spray dryers

Large production spray dryers generally require power supply, but they will fail when plugged in and used. Once a fault occurs, it is necessary to stop the power outage, because the failure is prone to safety problems for a long time. So, what kind of failure generally occurs that needs to be stopped?

1. The feeding equipment fails.

2. It was found that the cracks in the drying room of the spray dryer were serious.

3. Cut off fuel, feed In the case of material cut, our spray dryer will stop supplying hot air, and at this time it will be shut down.

4. The heating is not controlled, and the heat generation is higher than 300 °C.

5. Reducer, the motor has irregular vibration or noise, and heat generation phenomenon.


Post time: Dec-28-2022