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The main features of vibrating fluidized bed dryer

vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a new product carefully designed by our factory in combination with my country’s national conditions, and can obtain uniform drying, cooling and humidifying products.

1. The fluidization is uniform and stable, and there is no dead bed and blow-through phenomenon, and uniform drying, cooling and humidifying products can be obtained.

2. The vibration source is a vibration motor, which has stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long equipment life.

3. Good adjustability, the thickness of material layer, the residence time of material in the machine and the change of the amplitude of the machine can be adjusted steplessly within the design range.

4. It has a wide range of adaptability and can adapt to materials with different specific gravity, particle size, water content and water content.

5. It has little damage to the surface of the material, and can be used for drying fragile materials. The material particles are irregular, and it does not affect the working effect.

6. The working environment is clean and continuous operation is possible.

7. The heating method is direct heating, with high thermal efficiency and good energy-saving effect, which is more than 30% energy-saving than ordinary drying devices.

Post time: Jul-29-2022