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spray dryer biggest size for shipping

500 kgs/h is a very huge project, the dryer should be make locally.

Let me send you example, below dryer can evaporate about 5kgs water per hour, it’s drying chamber diameter is about 1.2meters, height 2.2meters.

and below  can evaporate about 10kgs water per hour, drying chamber 1.5meters, height 2.8meters

below  can evaporate about 30kgs water per hour , drying chamber 2meters, height 5.2meters

below  can evaporate about 100kgs water per hour , drying chamber 2.6meters, height 6.8meters

below  can evaporate about 300kgs water per hour, this is the biggest one can ship by 40HQ frame container , drying chamber 3.3meters, height 8.8meters

Post time: Nov-01-2022