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FAQ questions on the low temperature rotary vacuum dryer with solvent recovery

We are considering purchasing three of your dryers, for our manufacturing process, namely 1 X ZPG-500, 1 X ZPG-750 and 1 X ZPG-2000.
1)  Must the dryer be fed with a thick slurry, or can it be fed with a liquid solution and used as an evaporator to concentrate it to a slurry? (This would apply to ZPG-750 that we would use as an evaporator).    this ZPG vacuum dryer is available for slurry for liquid solution. It also can be used as an evaporator, this is no problem, but I am afraid it's slow.  
2)  If the answer to (1) is yes and that the equipment can indeed be used as an evaporator, is there an instrument to monitor the liquid level so that it can be fed continuously while keeping the level constant?usually the vacuum dryer is batch by batch working, even vacuum evaporator is also batch by batch, if fed continuously I am afraid the concentrate speed will be slower, in fact, i think use evaporator is better than vacuum dryer to concentrate, evaporator is the popular way to concentrate liquid. 

3)  If the equipment is used to dry a slurry to produce a powder, is there a filter to prevent the powder from being carried over through the vacuum line to the condenser?

Yes, it finally produce dried product, it must have a filter, 300-500mesh filter cloth on the vacuum port. If necessary, we even equipe it with a pulse compressed air tank to clean the filter. Just let use know you need it or not.