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The company produces all kinds of drying equipment, mixing equipment, grinding equipment, granulation equipment. The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, building materials and other industries. Actively innovate, improve production efficiency, develop high-tech products, absorb and learn advanced manufacturing technology, and truly bring better benefits to customers.



Changzhou Yanlong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company has a number of drying equipment design and manufacturing professional and technical personnel and a modern high-quality management team, of which five professional and technical personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Due to the policy of trade between the United States and the world, the transfer of customers in some countries and regions has failed, and our company apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our esteemed customers. Most of bank’s policies is as follows.  It is strictly forbidden &...
The oven should be used in accordance with the temperature range specified on the nameplate, and the oven must be well grounded. Flammable materials such as oil basins, oil drums, cotton yarn, cloth scrapings and other items shall not be stacked near the oven, and washing, scraping and paintin...